My lymph nodes have been swelling in my neck then it was my armpits then now i realized the pain was also in my groin area. CT scan shows one 3.5 mm node in my stomach and multiple nodes from 9mm to 11mm. I was told im allergic to nickel but my doc doesnt believe food is the cause. I have limited what I eat though. I am still getting flair ups and they hurt im always in pain and now idk if the groin ones are going to be removed or sampled etc. Among all this im a single mom working and having to find a new job and place to live. I wish i could get answers why im experiencing all this they tested one node in my next dec 2014 and took it out but bc its not cancerous they say all others are not cancerous but i read that can not always be the case. This is just so overwhelming... blood work comes back although out of range high or low they say its fine. What questions do you ask?