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Alright my GF and I basically agreed to no sex, but things got a little hot and heavy not to long ago and we had very very very short "intercourse"

Basically the night ranged from her rubbing the head of my penis around her vagina and putting " Just the tip" in , eventually this ended up become all of it but it was literally just 5 thrust in and out before I realized I should stop due to lack of protection it literally lasted like 7 seconds

This is both of our first time with anything like this and are both stressed out of our mind. I took a human sexuality course before and the chances should be so minimally small that I should not be worried at all but I am.

She said her period is around 2 days late right now, but isn't a period never exact? I'm hoping tomorrow is the day cause I just need this stress to be over it's driving me crazy .

BTW we have both determined that nothing ...even sex is worth all this stress right now in our lives so this won't be happening again .
I know in my mind that pregnancy should be impossible in our case but I need some reassurance .

1. Tip of penis in vagina
2. 5 thrust into and out of vagina and then stopped
3. No ejaculation during or shortly before
4. Minimal precum involved


because it was her first time ever having sex her period will be late. they arent always exact and you should have nothing to worry about. having sex makes your period late but doesnt mean your pregnant. you should only worry if her period is over a week late.


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hey guest,

because there was unprotected penetration and precum invoulved there is a risk (but a very very minnimal risk). before you did this, when was the last time you ejaculated? also did you urinate after you ejaculated, finally are you circumcised? Also i wouldn't worry about your gf delayed period as stress deffinatly causes menstration to be delayed. and you are right womens periods are not exact, they are not robots XD ;-)

thanks, XD ;-) o.O :-)


Last ejaculation was probably the day before, so yes urinated in between

Uncircumcised , not sure what that has to do with anything though

Also sudden changes in exercise habits can change menstrual cycles right cause her sport season start around a week or two ago?

I think the combination of this stress , sports , and it being her first time could all be delaying it. I talked to her and she said that it typically gets delayed for awhile during stressfull situations ( up to missing 2 months ).

Thanks for the replies

I think we were just stressed, lots of emotions in the air and stuff