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December 1st I started spotting which lasted a couple days and ended on the 5th but by then it was period like bleeding. I considered it my period for that month. On December 15 me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he cummed inside of me as usual. January 2nd, I went to planned parenthood for my annual exam, a pregnancy test was done and it came back negative but i hadn't considered pregnancy so I didn't think anything of it. On the 11th we had sex and the next morning I started my period, it was very light & lasted about 3 days. It was 11 days late but I still thought nothing of it cuz of the negative result on the 2nd. about a week and a half later I started having a few symptoms associated with pregnancy but also with pre-menstruation. I calculated my fertility days to out rule the possibility of pregnancy. There was almost no chance I could have gotten pregnant in January but in december, without knowing, we had sex on my peak fertile day. I wouldn't have passed a pregnancy test untill the 9th so that out ruled the neg. result i had gotten but i had started my period so I still didn't think I was pregnant untill I considered the fact that possibly during sex my boyfriend hurt me inside which is why i had bleeding which i thought was my period. With all of that said, I was just wonderin if maybe pregnancy is still a possibility? I wont be able to take another test right this moment so I was just wantin any help or advice I could get at this point. Please, I am desperate for some answers especially if you have experienced something like this.


My husband and I have been having passionate sex off and on, until recently I started out with very, very sore nipples. I figured since I have fibrocystic breast condition, lumpy breasts, what else could this be?

I haven't had a period for like 19 months, my doctor took a test and she said my count was 25, so being that I'm 45 yrs old and no period how could I be pregnant?

I've had bleeding before, well that was last year and this is what happened to me, so I'm trying to understand how this works.

The bleeding was that of pink and brownish discharge and lasted 3 days. I've read how you women like me have experienced the 3 days of grace is what I call it. If I'm pregnant well I'm way over due and I'm more fat than I am anything.

My doctor tells me that because I'm 45 yrs old that I'm hitting perimenopause and that my fsh is 25 and there is no way could I be pregnant or get pregnant.

Now with the breast tenderness I was taking something for this condition, but I stopped cold turkey because I ran out of it and thought well if it comes back I know how to treat it (Evening Primrose Oil) and even Omega 3's work just as good.

And if you have intercourse quite a bit, I'm told you can't get pregnant like that, or can you?

I call it the fooling around syndrome. ;-)