I had bunion surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago. I had my bunion removed and tailor bunion removed and my 2nd and 3rd toes shortened. After surgery I was given a tall boot and crutches. I am still experiencing pain on the left and sometimes right side of my foot. I also, have not been able to walk on this foot at all. No pressure on it what so ever!

When I had my dressing changed the doctor didn't clean any of the wounds and just redressed them. Plus, when I had my stitches taken out the 2nd week, he didn't didn't clean them then either. Neither did he re-tape the wounds or anything, just put on more gauze and wrapped it. And, he left on stitch in? Said it wasn't ready yet.

I have talked to a bunch of people who have had the procedure done and they said it was cleaned everytime they went into the office and that they were able to walk in their normal shoe by the 4th week.

I am scared and frustrated... I hope this is normal and nothing has gone wrong.

What do you think?