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Hello, i was curious if anyone out there has had any luck getting rid of a scar caused by chicken pox? I should explain that i have had this scar since i was about 15 years old when i had chicken pox. it is not a new scar.

Up until recently i did not really care too much that i had it but i have noticed that it appears to be much more noticeable now for some reason. Unfortunately it is located on my forehead so it is definitely noticeable. I have not come accost much on the Internet regarding a treatment but i do see lots of information regarding laser techniques for various things including acne scars. I am curious if this would work for me. I plan on contacting a doctor but thought i would through this out in case anyone had any ideas/suggestions.


I have 2 scars from chicken pox. One smack in the middle of my forhead and the other just above my eye brow. I have used MEDERMA, it works to a point but because the scar is deep, you can still see it. It made a small diff tho, maybe 50%.
Sometimes laser treatments are about the only thing that can work., especially if the scar is deep.