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I am 17 days post lower facelift and have a fluid filled cyst developing near the right jawline close to my ear. It does not respond to ice not painful, is freely mobile...but is the size of a marble and is disfiguring. Is it risky to drain it , as a beast cyst I had drained once ? Thanks Elizabeth


Hey Elizabeth since you have been doing everything by the book, here I mean on ice packs on the cyst, and that didn't help and I am not sure that draining it is the best idea. That could worse things and leave a nasty scar. Maybe it would be best to talk to your doctor and even go to see him so he can look at the cyst and decide what is the best solution for that.

Besaides this have you been experiencing some other difficulties or side effects? I am curious because my mother is considering face lifting for about few months but she is not so sure what to do. And how much did it cost? And are you satisfied with everything else regarding the whole procedure? I would appreciate your answers.