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I have had a 2nd operation on my ganglion cyst on my ankle, and this time they sewed it up, it was nice and neat and pain free... but now 2 months after the operation it is still weeping and gets quite mucky.

It isn't infected as it doesn't hurt and isn't hot, and my GP has said it's not infected, but no-one's sure what's wrong with it! I have type 1 diabetes and i know we take longer to heal than most but this situation is just getting ridiculous.

Is there anything i can do to make it heal quicker or get rid of whatever's causing it?




I read your post and felt like I was reading something that I could have written myself because I am going through the same thing. It is almost 2 months and the end of my incision is still draining. I do not understand it and am very frustrated. My doctor has suggested another surgery to see if there is another cyst there. I was so surprised to read about your situation because  it is so much like what I am going through.