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On May 17 I underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy.  Everything went well and I proceeded with my recovery. This week I returned to the hospital for my two week check-up.  I told the Surgeon that everything has gone well except that I have two questions. #1 - All the pain is gone with the exception of me still having some minor pain in the center of my abdomen. #2 - I constantly have just the worst (seeming) taste and smell, whether breathing through my nose or mouth. I can only liken it to rotten or burning flesh. My question to the Surgeon was is that normal and will it pass.  He said that it is not normal (sounds like maybe the bile is making a wrong turn somewhere). He stated that he doubts that it will help, but that I should try taking a scoop of Cholestyramine dissolved in liquid once a day.  He wrote me a prescription for that, but so far it does not seem to be helping.  I also might add that the awful smell and tatse seems to be making my throat sore.


Any help would be appreciated.  Will it get better on it's own?  Should I be taking any proactive actions?  Thanks in advance




In surgery, a device called an "electrocautery" is used to cauterize blood vessels and in gall bladder surgery this device is also used to cauterize the "bed" of the gallbladder where it was attached to the liver.  

This produces a smokey stinky burning flesh smell when used, and I'll bet this is what is causing your fantom smells.  I'm surprised this would last as long as 2 weeks but it should pass soon and is harmless.  

Also...  Blood often oozes from the site where the gallbladder was removed, and this may give off some nasty smells as it breaks down in your abdominal cavity that may get into your blood stream travel to your nose or lungs/breath.  

Again, this too shall pass.  Hope you're smelling like a rose soon!  

PS. I'm not a doctor...  If this continues, or gets worse, be sure to report these issues to your doc!




Thanks so much for your response.  I think that your analysis was most likely correct, in as much as today the disgusting smell and taste are nearly gone.