I doubt anyone had had the surgery that I had, as my dr told me he has never had and probably never will have a surgery like mine again. But I need answers from anyone who may know anything about this that could help me. I have had problems with my gallbladder for years, but the hospital, I went to over an over, told me it was fine. When I finally made an apt with a good surgeon, he took me right into surgery. It was supposed to be another routine laparoscopic gallbladder removal which would take about 45 mins he estimated to my family. When he made the first small incision, which I assume was the camera, he realized my gallbladder wasn't exactly where its should be. It had grown into and attached to my stomache, and my stomache also had a few other holes and I believe he said something about you colon, I not sure, maybe he said he had to resect it or something like that. But it turned into a 4 hour surgery, I was opened from my bra line to my belt line. I was in the hospital for a week and it's been a month and a half since my surgery and I have felt fine. But for 4 1/2 days now I get nauseous over any smell, I cannot eat, I get dizzy and light headed. I don't feel good at all and I just don't feel like myself and it's making me miserable. When I first came out of surgery he said I would prolly have to have two or three more. But Thank the Lord I healed well and there hasn't been any talk of another one. But I just need to feel better, and figure out why I'm constantly nauseous and lightheaded. Thanks for reading. And advice is appreciated.