Hi Everyone

Sorry I did not complete my updates as I said I would. Therefore, I will but the rest of my updates here. Day 7: Sunday I was still exhibited high rates of pain rating 8 out of 10. My throat continued to ache and remained dry. I still had difficulty drinking and swallowing without choking, discomfort, and still taking pain meds, (MAKE SURE U TAKE YOUR MEDS ON TIME & USE SALINE AS PRESCRIBED). In addition, I was using the saline solution repeatedly.Day 8: Monday my pain was a 6 out of 10, I can eat and drink but still spitting up mucus, dried blood and scabs. Day 9: Tuesday had my first post-op check and my physician said I am healing remarkably. My nasal passage is a lot clearer, with minimal bleeding, bloody plugs and mucus. My nose is still sore and I have small headaches when my pain meds wear off pain is a 6 out of 10. I continue to spit up mucus, dried blood and scabs. Day 10: Wednesday I exhibited a mild headache, sore throat (in which felt similar to a sinus infection) a stuffy nose, mucus and blood in my nasal passage. Day 11: Thursday remained the same but headache and stuffy nose stood out the most. Day 12: Friday then the left side of my throat is sore, still medicating but in lower dosage and still spitting up blood and mucus plugs. Day 13: Saturday I had continued to spit up mucus, minimal blood but throat and nose drier than previously as well as sore. Day 14: Sunday scabs are starting to come out, very large scabs. From the right side of my nose, I have removed several large scabs, mucus plugs and fluid. Left side the scabs are harder to remove and causing intense headaches, pains and aches in my face and nasal area.