I had a sty in an abnormal area; not sitting on the outline of the eyelid area, but under the eye and inside the eyelid. There was constant irritation with the sty and my eye, leading the sty to never go away on its own as most do. Because of the awkward location of the sty, there was always a round bump of skin underneath my eye, making it look swollen. Not attractive. Anyways, it was the first time I had a sty, first time I ever saw one, so I wasn't sure how to manage. Initially, I thought it was me getting pink eye again. Time passed as I overlooked the issue and ignored my body's signals. I finally saw an optometrist and she told me to try heat compresses. If that didn't do the trick I was scheduled for a surgery to remove the sty on February 2nd. Alas, the heat compresses didn't work and I recently had my uncomfortable surgery about four days ago. A LOT of pus drained out during the surgery. When I pull down on my lower eyelid (to add the prescribed ointment) now, there is a small caved-in wound of missing tissue. It has healed a lot since my surgery, but I want to express certain concerns. Still, there is some occasional pus that drains from the area and sits in the wounded cavity. I use a clean q-tip to wipe that, by gently dabbing it (?) I worry that when the sore finally heals, that there will still be remaining pus underneath my eye that won't ever really go away. Most IMPORTANTLY, I would like to mention that the exterior lump that was underneath my eye is still slightly there. It is not so pronounced, not very hard, but more tender. It isn't hugely noticeable, especially compared to what it used to be- but I don't like that. I compare my eye to my other healthy one, where the skin is smooth and flat under. That is when I really see the difference. Will it take time for my eye to be completely normal-looking again? Will the pus eventually all drain out before the wound heals? It is my 4th day since surgery, and there is still a lot tissue that needs to re-grow. I would do heat compresses but since the skin is still open there I do not want to risk irritating or infecting anything.

Can anyone provide an ounce of insight or advice? Please help! Thank you in advance.