Hey guys!
I'm having a total thyroidectomy in a little under a month and was just wondering if anyone could share some positive experiences with me. I'm 18 years old and have hashimoto's thyroiditis, I've been hypo ever since I've diagnosed although my levels are the best they've ever been now (ugh right before surgery, figures it starts cooperating now). Anyways, it's being removed due to a lot of nodules, some of which have started to constrict my breathing at night. My ENT and my endo have basically told me that my goiter will continue to get worse, and it's best to just do the surgery while I'm young. To be honest, I'm really not that scared about the surgery at all. My main concern is weight gain after surgery. I've worked really hard over the last year to get from 225 to 175 and I've finally lost my goal of losing 50 pounds with diet, exercise and upping my synthroid (i'm on 100 mcg and have been for about a year). I was just wondering what your guys' experiences were with maintaining your weight after surgery and how old everyone was when they got their total/partial thyroidectomy and how you're feeling!