I had to go to the ER last night, I was bleeding badly about 5-7 tbls. Arrived at ER bleeding slowed, so I waited 2 and a half hours. Bleeding started again pouring out of my mouth worse this time, they took me to a room and made me ice water gargle. Called my ENT he took an hour to arrive. Once he arrived he told me he was recauterizing my throat. While they were prepping the OR I started gagging on huge golf ball sized clots, then my throat started SPRAYING blood. I got very dizzy then, I lost a large ammount of blood (a large ammount to me, i mean a few cups atleast) they took me back to the OR I was choking on blood, they started the IV and knocked me out, and thats all I remember. Now I have this clot hanging in my throat that wont come off and i'm scared when it does it'll bleed again. Also the recauterizing, they did not numb me, they put me to sleep with no pain meds so when I woke up I felt everything. This is a warning to everyone

Even if you feel great after surgery do not strain your voice!!!! i had an argument, didn't even think about my throat i was exactly 2 weeks post op and feeling great, then the bleeding started