Hi, after cases of bad tonsillitis when i was 20 i got a very bad case of strep last year and my lymph nodes have been up until i had my tonsils out last week. I didnt respond to antibiotics and was gagging on lymph nodes in my throat for the past 6 months, not to mention the chronic tonsil stones so i decided to remove the little buggers.

Ok so im not gagging on lumps in my throat they have got much softer since the tonsils came out, however i am not in a great way with regards to pain. I lost 200ml of blood during the op, which i know isnt a lot in real terms but for tonsillectomy the dr said its a lot? Anyways, it was probably because they were so large and oozing junk from chronic infection which didnt help the cause, i did try 4 courses of antibiotic before hand and they didnt respond or reduce to normal size. My surgeon was excellent though because i wasnt sick, and my jaw doesnt ache too much so he wasnt too rough with me. What is starting to get bad however is the pain, I'm on day 4 of recovery and it was quite bearable the first few days. Today however its well bad, my left ear is really aching, my teeth are even aching. The right side isnt so bad. It really hurts to swallow and i know i should drink but today has been really hard on me and im having a tough time swallowing. The pain control medication im on is starting to be a bit of a joke now, im on Diclofenac 50ml 3 times daily, and Paracetamol 1000mg 4 times a day, the diclofenac doesnt do anything, and the paracetamol works good for maybe 2.5 hours but the worrying thing is its 6pm now, my next dose is due at 9pm and already the pain is unberable (i only had them at 3 hours ago). The right hand side of my throat where my tonsils used to be is ok, its just the left which hurts and looks a little more messed up (maybe thats were the bleed came from). So instead of making progress im going down hill, i need to go back to the dr's and ask for stronger painkillers but i think all codine derived painkillers are outlawed here which really really sucks. I cant take any fluids down when it hurts this much. I have even tried positive thinking and kind of hypnotherapy which i must say takes the pain down to 6 from 8 on the pain scale. It doesnt help with eating tho so i've just given up on that for today.


Aunt in agony