Hoping someone may have heard of this....
My son who is only 5, just had a Tonsillectomy/Addenoidectomy about 5 weeks ago. Since the 2 week mark, he has been constantly, but lightly clearing his throat. Every 5-10 seconds he is doing this. Took him back to the ENT, and they think it may be from the tube they put down his throat during the surgery? Well 5 weeks later it is now worse. They just put him on a 5 day course of Orapred (steroids) thinking maybe its inflamation. What worries me is that being he is a child, he should be healed by now. Also, he never did this before the surgery, and th ENT is trying to blame it on allergies when he doesn't have any. Anyways, if anyone has ever heard of this, please please comment on this. Thanks!!!!!

Very Worried Mom