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Can precum get some pregnant?Also me and my gf had unprotected sex a day ago and i did not ejaculate inside her or ejaculate at it was all precum from earlier when we were messing but i ejaculated the night before but urinated many times and took a shower she also just got off her period about 2-3 days ago what is the possibility of her getting pregnant?*serious answers please*


Hey Jose

Yes it is quite possible a girl can get pregnant from pre cum.  Having unprotected sex and pulling it out before the final ejaculation is not any form of contraception and there is a risk pregnancy can occur.  I would suggest as it's only been a day since you had unprotected sex and your post seems to be about 12 hours old, that your partner gets the morning after pill, she has 72 hours in which she can do this.

The chances of becoming pregnant from pre cum are less than full ejaculation, but still a possibility.  You mention your partner was around 2-3 days after ending her period.  This would make her anywhere from day 8-10 of her cycle Her most fertile time being day 14-19, however sperm can live inside her body (had there been any in your pre cum) for up to 5 days.  If any of these were inside her it's possible they could be around when she ovulates, making the risk of pregnancy medium, again I would advise she tries to get the morning after pill, and in the future you may both want to look at an type of contraception that suits you both, so you dont need to worry.