I am pregnant and have been expeariencing some pain, and i am highly stressed. After finding out i was pregnant i found my boyfriend has been cheating on me and now i have genital warts. So long story short i have decided to terminate my pregnancy. I go next week, however i have been very constipated and went to the doctors last week, because of blood and mucus, in my stool. Now i havent had a bm in 6 days, all that comes out is mucus and blood droppings. When i went to the doctors they said i would have nothing to worry about, did a ultra sound, a rectal exam, and blood work and that it was all do to the contipation. Its so painful, i do believe and trust in the doctors, just would like maybe a second oppinion, and maybe some advice, and to know if it is ok to go for the termination with this?