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I m 2 months pregnant and always under depression.and my boyfrieng decide to buy me Zyprexa 5 tablets to stop thinking too much so is it good for me to drink that tablets please help?


Hi Mapule,

I wouldn't recommend taking it while pregnant.  Also, you shouldn't be taking pills that were not prescribed for you unless your bf is your doctor?  I was reading that they are a catergory C drug and taken in the last trimester of pregnancy your baby can go through withdrawals.  If your baby can go through that then imagine what else is happening.  Do you really want to the chances of something happening to the baby that you could have prevented?

Just because you are always thinking doesn't mean something is wrong with you far from it.  You have an active brain, nothing the matter with that.  You are smart, think for yourself and tell your bf no, I don't want to harm the baby.

Go see your doctor and let them know you have been taking these for your first 2 months of pregnancy.  Make sure you are eating a healthy diet and exercising.  Take your prenatal vitamins daily.  Sleep when you need it and make sure you get plenty of sunshine.

Hope this helps and good luck.  BTW congratulations on your pregnancy!