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Me and my boyfriend were messing around about two weeks ago and i lost my virginity.

He used a condom, and only inserted it 3/4 of the way because i was in a lot of pain, he did not ejaculate at this point, but a while after he ejaculated over me.

My period is normally really regular, and well i'm late... could i be pregnant? or has the stress of me thinking im pregnant made my period late?


Please let me know how things turned out for you. FYI: if the ejaculate fluid gets close enough to your vagina, sperm can find its way in. Did you turn out to be pregnant? I hope that you didn't let your stress continue for too long before taking a pregnancy test. If you are not pregnant, and don't want to be, have you considered exploring BC methods now that you are sexually active? Also, be sure to have regular visits with an ob/gyn to maintain good health.