Hello all.
I had my pregnancy terminated on 23rd Dec 2008. Today 6 weeks have completed after my abortion.
After 1st week of abortion I and my husband had unsafe sex for the first time and thereafter almost once every week, until recently when I started having acute pain in the right part of my stomach.
Recent doctor's visit made me realize, I shouldn't have had unsafe sex after my abortion. I and my husband were under the impression that unsafe sex only after my menstrual cycle after abortion would get me pregnant, since then the uterus would be ready for implantation. I realize now how ignorant and uneducated we were about this. :-(
Last two blood tests, taken over last 4 days, have shown increase in the level of pregnancy related hormones and doctor says that I am pregnant once again!
But nothing has been found in the ultrasound. If I had unsafe sex after one week of abortion - I should be 5 weeks pregnant. Shouldn't that be detected by ultrasound? If not how long will it take to be detected? My menstrual cycle has not yet started and there is an acute pain in right part of stomach. Doctor suspects seeing all these conditions that it may be an ectopic pregnancy.
What should I do? What are the possibilities? Please help.