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I had an abortion on 10th feb 11 and then GP told me to start taking OC pills after immediate mensus. Being my irregular menstrual cycle and which is more than 28 days, I have to wait for few more days for menstruation to start. So, till that time we have to rely on condomes as a contraceptive measure. But for once we had unprotected sex, so will that make me pregnant ? Because Yesterday on 7th march 11 , my pregnancy test at home came positive. How early one can get pregnant after an abortion? I dont want pregnancy this early. Which contraception should we use which wont affect my ovulation cycle at all. I would need an advice as soon as possible.


i had the surgical procedure 13 days ago. and had my follow up appointment today. my doctor made me aware the pregnancy hormone will remain in my body for anoher 2 weeks... so roughly a month after. depending on how far you were... determines how long it takes for you horomones to go back to normal.
my doctor said also it is still very early to become pregnant after an abortion as your body is still in pregnancy mode hence the NO SEX TILL 6 WEEKS AFTER. i would say take another test in a week or go to your doctors and have a blood test as there test will be more accurate.

i wish you all the best!