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hi, my boyfriend and i have had our first time sex last September 19, 2010. It was the last day of my period. I had little amount of blood that was going out. we did not have condom then. however, his penis last only inside me for a couple of seconds and didn't ejaculate. after the intercourse, after I bathed, blood's still coming out.. however it did not last day long. I feel always dizzy and hot. Yet, i think these were also probably just the results of me being paranoid of what will happen to me if i am pregnant. I am so stressed out and depressed. Thank you. Please help me. Im 19 years old only. i am now 5 days late. i have not yet taken any ptest. :-( please help.


It would be extremely unlucky, not to say stretching science, to manage to become pregnant from sex during your period, especially with him being inside you for only a couple of seconds and not ejaculating - that would have to be about a record for least sex before pregnancy, so I don't believe you should be unduly concerned,and if you're stressing over it, that may affect your period.

Nevertheless, extremely unlikely isn't impossible - someone does win the lottery.

You will only know you're safe when you have your next period. Until then, you can now take a pregnancy test which should (check the specifications) now be reliable. It won't make you have your period, but at least it may give you some peace of mind, until your next period: or not... but still, take the test.

... and then, invest in some of the measures the pharma industry has spent billions researching for your enjoyment: pill, condom, morning after pill (Plan B seems popular).