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In July, 2009 I underwent an abortion through pills under a Doctor's supervision. I got my periods soon. But it bleeded normally like it does for my all other period dates. There was no extra flesh or anything that came off. I had my doubts so consulted Doctor again. She said that i should do a sonography after 2 months and check whether things are alright. It was my mistake that i didnt do it. For 4 - 5 months, I had normal periods and then suddenly once during the bleeding...little flesh came off. I was travelling in such a country where i couldnt have consulted a doctor as it was a strange land. Came back to my place in month of March. Then i was having regular periods and i forgot about it. But then again, for some strange reasons i didnt get periods for two months. I thought its because of the climate change as the city i was residing in for my studies for those two months was very cold. Then the moment i came back to my town i got my periods and i again overlooked the problem. Last month during my period again some flesh came off which alarmed me.

My doubt is... am i still pregnant? is my uterus not cleaned? or is it some other kind of infection? I want to go and do a sonography done. BUt still I want to know the whats happening. Has anyone of you ever come across something like this? Please help me out.

I will be really obliged to you.



I recently underwent an abortion also, but I didn't take the pills. I underwent for the procedure....everything went fine...I got my next period normally...then my next, but for those two periods, I had a tissue like substance come out also...I consulted my doctor, and he told me that everything should be fine...due to undergoing such a procedure, pill or not...that your period changes, along with your body. A lot of woman get this he told me. Yes you should have went for the ultrasound, and should STILL go...your insides are nothing to toy with, especially our woman parts. Although, this doesn't sound like an infection to me, cause I would suspect you sayin in your post that there would be a strange smell, or weird pains going on. And if you were still pregnant, it would be the same, plus, if you were, you would pass the rest by now, or get so since from dead tissue, you would have been hospitalized by now. So I am thinking, that everything is fine, but you should DEFINITLY go to the doctors. I definitly recommend going back for an after check up, cause having an abortion isn't a joke, when it come to your female are lucky that you haven't noticed anything even more strange, and don't have an infection that could cause verry bad know? Good luck, and I hope I helped a little bit...not trying to be rude in anyway, or judge cause I have also had one, but it's just that I worry about other people who have undergone the same thing as I have to take care of themselves.