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Ok so I had sex for the first time August 8th. That's 10 days ago. We used a condom but it fell at some point and we didn't feel it. He didn't ejaculated inside me, so it would only be pre-cum. And since we were using spermicidal condoms, I thought we were covered.

Well yesterday (which makes it 9 days after intercourse) I had some bleeding in the morning. Like a bright red blood. And then by the afternoon I just had this brownish old-blood coming out. It's still there, only when I wipe.

I just wonder, what are my chances of being pregnant? I do have to say it was one of my fertile days.

Also, how soon can I take a blood pregnancy test?
Thanks a lot,


it could be caused from many things.. one is pregnancy! you can take an at home test and a blood test after you miss your period thats the best time to tell if its most accurate.