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My boyfriend ejaculated inside me the day I was supposed to ovulate(yesterday) while having sex I begin to have a dark redish/brownish discahrge. This morning I spotted lite blood only once in the morning. It stopped but I have had lite cramps all day...Could I be pregnant? How soon can I take a test to find out? I'm supposed to get my period in about 14-15 days... Any comments/answers??


You cannot get pregnant "INSTANTLY", It TAKES up to 14 days for implantation to fully happen, and then you would later miss your period.

YOU ACN STILL take the morning after pill!! IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO PREVENT PREGNANCY, and is cheaper/easier than an abortion would be.

A Pregnancy test can be taken 5 days BEFORE you suspect your period should come, but they are MOST accurate when you miss your period.