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I finally received my date for my surgery it is May 11th, 2010. I've been reading on other sights regarding shaving before surgery and everything i read says not too. I don't know if that also means the bikini line. That's what I was curious about. I just don't want to look super hairy there. Any response would be great. Thanks. Also I'm a bit nervouse and don't like the fact that how many other people besides my doc are going to see everything. Glad I will be fully asleep. I am on the other hand excited about the procedure in hopes that it takes and either ends my periods all together or greatly reduces the heavy bleeding i experience every month since forever. I still would have preferred a hysterectomy as i heard ablation does not relieve the cramps. If anyone has any anwers or comments please feel free to repsond. Thanks so much.


I LOVE your moniker!! XD I will tell you my story and I'm sure you will figure out my answer to your question!

I HAD to have a hysterectomy - laproscopy - I was SO upset about the procedure I didn't even think about "clearing the forest!" So I get to the hospital and this ANGEL of a nurse said "WELL It looks like I have some clipping to do!!!!!!!" o.O o.O o.O o.O XD :$ So she gets out the ELECTRIC shears (a little foreshadowing here!!) and got into EVERY nook and cranny of the FOREST!!! I said to her "Wow! you have an electric apparatus and I don't even know your last name!!!!" 8-| XD XD XD I wrote her a card when I had healed and said the following "I was going to hand deliver this to you, but I can't look you in the eyes! And I will NEVER be able to look at another bald headed man again!!!!" LOL o.O ;-) ;-) XD XD Since yours will be internal and no laproscopy will be needed you don't need to deforest TOTALLY then just do a light trim - so you don't end up like me and hear that HMMMMMMMMM!!!! XD XD XD Good luck honey!