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I cannot pass any bowel gas which seems to accumulate in the lower right abdomen, the feeling of standstill in the gastrointestinal track and severe episodes of distension (bloting). I have chronic pain under my left rib almost every day.. feels like gas pressure ..

I have seen 3 gastric consultants who carried out various eliminating tests resulting in taking no further action because they felt I do not have a life threatening illness.

I have had M R I, CT SCAN, and all other tests ,gastric emptying..

After living with this agony for 6 years and with no answers to my bloating and pain and all tests coming back negative, I feel that after investigating and speaking to other doctors myself, a diagnostic laparoscopy may reveal the problem or at least give an answer to my pain
I feel that I have been neglected in this country (uk) after 6 years of suffering with no diagnosis whatsoever. All non evasive tests have failed to reveal an answer and doctors here are unable to progress and have left me suffering. Please can you help me in any way.

many thanks


Hi, I'm sorry I don;t have an answer but maybe trying asking questions on questions and answers, I find that site very helpful. Do try. Good luck, I hope you get better.


you no what i seem to bee having some bloating as well, but i tried researching you major complains, and 1 thing that stood out, was a disease called Diverticulitis, if you can, research that, and determine for your self,
hope i helped in any way. :D