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Going to be blunt about this really and cut to the chase.

When my penis is flacid, my foreskin nearly covers the whole of my penis. You're talking a few mm gap at the front for when I go to the loo.
When erect, it doesnt fully roll back and sit behind the glans. It retracts as it normally would, but covers part of the glans and thats it. When having sex/masturbating it doesnt sit tight as a result (if this makes sense).

It causes no pain, it's just extremely frustrating and annoying to look at as when fully erect it kind of creases up all around the base of the glans and like I said sit's on the surface slightly.
It's also a bright pinky colour (the tip of the foreskin) when sitting on the glans. Is this ok?

What can I do to sort this and how would I go about it as it's extremely embarassing.


Your comment is not all that unusual.
First, most men in the world have foreskins.
Among all those men, the number who have foreskins that retract all the way and stay in place are relatively small.

so, if your foreskin is still partially covering the glans when you are full errect, it's not surprising.

Now, if you can roll the foreskin back farther, by hand, and hold it there, that's half the battle. Some men wear a condom to hold the foreskin back and maximize the effects or intense feelings in the glans during intercourse or masturbation.

If you are troubled by the appearance of your errect penis, I'd ask why it bothers you so. What has given you the idea that something is wrong with it this way? Videos? Porn? Comparing yourself to others' bodies?

The options for dealing with an unruly foreskin are several, from a dorsal slit to a complete circumcision, to doing nothing.
If you are convinced something must be done, make an appointment with your doctor and be prepared to discuss this openly with him.

Also, you should be prepared to make yourself erect in the doctor's presence so that he can see the allignment or appearance of your foreskin and glans when erect. He can judge for himself if it is a problem, as you seem to believe.

Good luck.


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It doesn't necessarily go back by itself. The actual function of the foreskin during sex is to act as a sleeve for the penis to go in and out of, instead of the head scraping against the sides of the vaginal wall.

The inner and outer sides are different in color and texture. The outer side is more like the rest of the skin on your body while the inner side has some specific purposes that create a lot of pleasure for you and it's designed to be in contact with the glans. It has stretch sensitive nerves that are quite pleasurable when activated. The tip is just the transition between the two surfaces.

So there is nothing that should be embarassing about it. All penises look a little different like vulvas all look different and faces look different.


Yeah I can roll it back further by hand, but when I do that it just pulls itself back up or sits behind the glans making a kind of bulge with the tip of the skin.


It sounds to me as though your frenulum is a little on the short side and is not permitting complete retraction. You may need to stretch your frenulum.