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im not able to pull back my foreskin.
im masturbating from 14. is it cause of it. will i be able to have sex now and my penis is not stiff as before

plz help me out.................


No, masturbation is not the cause of a foreskin not pulling back.

You can see a doctor to see what he recommends, but there are several ways of dealing with this.

First, it IS possible to have sex when your foreskin does not retract.

Second, you could have a "dorsal Slit", which might free it up without much cutting.

Third, you could consider a circumcision, which would remove the foreskin completely. Many man have this as a baby and some medical need would be required. But it can be done.

Others simply practice gentle stretching of the foreskin over months and months until it will retract.

But the first step is to consult a doctor who can examine you.

Good luck.