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The hard thing about this situation is i dont remember my last period . I just found out i was pregnant and already in my second trimester . & Being that far i couldnt see given up a life . I conceived somewhere in febuary . When i went and got my first sonagram on june 18 the baby measured that her due date is November 9 . I went and got a second sonagram july 9 and the babys due date measured November 14 . Back in Febuary i had a encounter with 2 diff guys two weeks apart febuary 9 and someone else on febuary 22 . ? Help


Hi Love,

It really would help if we knew your LMP.  This is what I've worked out using the ultrasound dates...

June 18 she was about 20 weeks along.

July 9 she was about 22 weeks along.


NOTE:Ultrasound dating is approximate, especially later in the pregnancy.  Like babies, fetuses all develop at different rates/times.

Counting back 20 weeks from June 18 would put your LMP around January 29.

Counting back 22 weeks from July 9 would put your LMP around February 5.  

Assuming your period started on January 29, you'd likely ovulate between Feb 9 and 14.

Assuming your period started on Febrary 5, you'd likely ovulate between Feb 16 and 21.

Sperm can survive up to about 5 days.  The egg is only viable for about 48 hours.

It really could be either.  You'll need a DNA test, no way around it.

Hope it helps.  Good luck.