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I am 35 old and I have prolactionoma (6mm), I am taking dostinex since I found the adenoma, 2 years ago.
Now after almost 2 years trying, I am finally pregnant :-).
So for everyone who are trying to get pregnant: don`t give up, it will come true.
My problem is that my gynecologist said than I should stop taking dostinex (which i did) but not to take any medicine concerning my prolactine levels, BUT my endocrinologist said to take bromocryptine during my pregnancy?
What to do?
Anyone can give me some advise?
I am now 5 week pregnant and I have already start feeling some changes on my nipples (yellow changes) and pain. I am afraid to take any drugs but also I remember the doctor`s words about the risk from high prolactin levels to my baby.



Hi Vanessa,

I stumbled across this website and read your email. I also have prolactinoma and the tumor I had was 17mm and that was in 2008. I couldn't tolerate Bromocriptin which is the only medication they available in my country. I had to travel to Australia where an endocrinologist there prescribed Dostinex in which i have been taking for the past 2 years. The tumor has shrunk and i thank GOD each day. My problem now is that I've missed my period and am not sure if i might be pregnant. There is still milk coming out of my breasts but i'm not sure if that's because of the prolactinoma but I've recently had numourous headaches and extreme dizzines within the last couple of weeks and aching breasts especially around my nipples. I really don't know if a pregnancy test from the local pharmacies will give me the right answer. My husband and i have been trying for the last 12 years to have a baby and I'd really like to be pregnant. I am just wondering how you managee with yours and maybe you can shed some light on me.



Hello Ilangin,

I had my baby girl as scheduled, in 39 week, and now she is almost 3 months old. My pregnancy went very well, even I am almost 37, I was on sweet diet all the time, because I have also insulin problem. I went to work almost till the end I was very nervous and sleepy all the time. I gain only 15 kg, even I have 10kg over my body weight because of the Dostinex.
Having a baby after so many years of trying is a blessing. I feel very happy and complete now, because this is my second, but my husband`s first child (I have also 18 years old son from my first marriage) and I was always wondering, through these past few years, where is the problem???
Only thing different in my case is that I had, and I still have regular monthly periods, even my prolactin level was sometimes 500% above the limit.
With Dostinex I put the prolactin level above 1, I was taking 0.25 mg, twice a week for 3 years, and after taking Dostinex I have never had galactorea (milk from the breasts), but, I could not get pregnant whit such a low plrolactin level.
Than, when I was not able to get pregnant even we have trying and trying, I went to other endocrinologue, and she prescribe to me half of what I was taking (0.12mg twice a week) and soon after that I got pregnant!!.
My point is that the dosage must be suitable to your body and you condition.
During all my pregnancy and now when I am breastfeeding my girl I take nothing for the adenoma and I am starting to feel headaches already,
The aching nipples may be a sigh for pregnancy, but you must go to see your OB doctor, because if you are really pregnant (which I want very much) you must stop taking the drug, because is very dangerous for your baby.
I really don`t know what to say more, I don`t know your age and your other health problems, in my case dostinex really helped me, but only when the dose was ok.

Talk to your doctor, measure prolactin every month, also check you thyroid gland and the level of thyroxine (which is very important also, because when the pituitary gland is not working and it is the master head of all others glands, than you must check all other hormones to be sure where is the problem) and don`t give up, don`t lose hope, 12 years of trying shows how much you really want this child/or two. ;-)



Good Morning Vesna,

Your email brought tears to my eyes it's so nice to share this experience with someone who understands how i feel.

The pregnancy test I took this morning is positive! I just found it absolutely amazing and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Your story is really encouraging. I am 30 years old now and I pray that all will work out for me and my husband. This will be our first child together and I am very excited. If you don't mind I'd really like to keep in touch with you to share my experience with.

Kind Regards


i am 32 years old with hyperprolactin i tried bromocrptin
for 2months o get pregnant but to no avail