My doctor started me on 200mg Prometrium one week ago. I was told to take it every night before bed for 12 days. Then I should start my period. 5 days into the period I can start taking Clomid.

I have been taking it every night before bed like told and then on saturday a period started, 4 days into the Prometrium. I asked my mother, who at one time had to do the same thing, and she said to keep taking like i was told and i will start another period when i am done with my 12 days. It has been 3 days now and I'm scared that I might be missing the opportunity to take the clomid and try to get pregnant because of this advice. I want to call my doctor but i also don't want him to yell at me bc i was supposed to monitor my basal body temp when i did start (after the prometrium).

If any one can please help me it would be great! :-D