Hi everybody! I started my first pill a few days ago. I was so excited I took it that night at 8:30. About four night later I originally forgot and took it at about 11:30pm. I think that it was a bad choice to begin taking aviane at 8:30 and feel that 11-11:30 would fit into my schedule easier, seeing as I will remember to take it right before I go to bed.

My first question is approximately how exact do I have to be when taking the pill everyday as far as what time (e.g. within a few minutes, half hour, a few hours)?

Secondly I was wondering if it would be safe for me to continue taking it around 11pm even though I orignally started at 8:30pm without risking pregnancy (I haven't started having unprotected sex yet because my doctor recommended the aviane isn't fully effective until after my first period while on the pill)?

Lastly, after my first month on Aviane, is it safe to have unprotected sex at any time of the month?

I know I may seem paranoid, but pregnancy really isn't an option right now. Thanks all!