Hi, I am new to this forum, and I have a question, I have had bouts of anxiety and depression that come and go for years.... most of the situations are situational, and rather than tell the whole story , I will try to paraphrase. I have never taken any anti depressent or anti anxiety meds, but about 5 months ago I had a minor surgery than was cosmetic in nature and the doctor prescriped hydrocodone for pain..... I was given a month supply and really did not need it for more than a week.... but, I noticed that not only did it take away the pain, put due to it being an opiate , it turned me into a different person.... I was allways in a good mood when I took it, I did not make me drowsy and rather than let negative thoughts take over I just brushed them off. I made me think possitive about my life, and I felt that I could solve certain problems with out blowing them out of preportion. but of course then ran out. and all started again, Mainly my problem is that I will focus on a negative situation from too long, and it usually has somthing to do with my relationship with my boyfriend, even If I am assured that there is nothing wrong, I will find somthing to worry about, It is driving him crazy and causing many problems with our relationship... I love this man dearly and do not want to lose him. when I was on the hydrocode I was totally relaxed and calm and did not make moutains out of molehiles so to speak. I resently went to the doctor and asked to for an anti anxiety drug. I prescribed xanax, I only started taking it yesterday 0.5 mg every 12 hours, altho it does make me calm , It does not last very long, and It does not make me in a good mood , like the hydrocode did. Is there any reason why there is not an anti axiety drug that can produce the same effect as hydrocode did.... I realize all are pontentially addictive so really what differnce does it make? I do not need to take it every day and infact made the month supply of hydrocode last me for 2 months so I am not planning on abusing it. as anyone ever heard of a drug than producesing the same effects as hydrocode or oxycode with out the pain killer asspect of it, and if so why the hell to dr's not prescribe it? any help appreciated.