I got a positive home pregnancy test last Saturday.I had some light spotting on Sunday.I went to see my general practitioner on Monday for a blood test.They called Tuesday and said my hcg was 24.They said that's not a good thing.My OB/GYN office returned my phone call on Tuesday afternoon.I went there on Wednesday.I waited for 3 hrs for the results because I live an hr away from my OB/GYN.They said my hcg was 41 and my progesterone was low.They gave me a shot and told me to come back for an appointment in about 3 weeks.

I only know one other person who has been pregnant that had an issue with their numbers.Her dr wouldn't do anything when it was still only in the 40s as a progesterone shot.She did end up having a miscarriage.She also said that the progesterone could have hurt me more than help me if this is an impending miscarriage.

I have been seeing my dr for 7 years.She saved me from having to have a hysterectomy from severe endometriosis.I really want to trust her judgement.Then again I don't know what to think.

Thanks for listening and I appreciate any advice.This is my first pregnancy after seriously trying for 8 months.