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can you have rather severe anxiety without feeling anxious much? also, do anxiety effects last even when you arent feeling anxious or stressed?


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Well, the answer would be no. At least I haven’t heard about it.

I happened to read your other post and I see that you have been prescribed anxiety drugs to ease your symptoms. This may not mean that you suffer from anxiety disorder but just that doctors have determined that these drugs would be the best, because they haven’t found any physical problems, and they prescribed these “calmers” to get rid of your symptoms.

You know, too much coffee, coca-colas, drugs, lack of sleep, stress can cause the same effects as anxiety attacks do. Your body starts producing more of certain chemicals or stress hormones and your body produces such symptoms as a response.

You may not be suffering from any irrational fears but you may fear now that these troubles will happen again and trigger more of the stress hormone production. It is actually a magic circle.

I am really interested if you will get any relief from these drugs. Keep me posted!


YES! The word "anxiety" is actually a very broad term and is personally interpreted in many different ways. The symptoms are the commonality. I work with several students with anxiety disorders, and have dealt with my own for quite some time.

I was actually having symptoms of my anxiety disorder without any conscious feelings of "anxiety." These included heart palpitations to the point I actually would lose consciousness! I was worked up to the max to determine there was no physical explaination or disorder. I was referred to doctor after doctor until I found one that recognized it and knew to ask the right questions.

The word "anxiety" may seem not to apply, but if the symptoms are there...if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck....must be a duck?