I have had issues with my urinary tract (burning after peeing) and for relief they gave me lots of antibiotics - thinking it was urethritis or something of the sort. The anitbiotics gave me lots of yeast infections. Also, I got off birth control months prior because I became more dry and the irritation during sex was horrible. I am still not the same.

However, with the urinary problem fixed (Have bladder diverticulum, I push when I pee/tighten up). My vaginal problem has yet to be fixed. I have a raw, red ness bellow my clit to my urethra and then some redness around my opening. I went to the doctor and there isn't much wrong with me (No infection - been checked for stds as well). I've also been having a bit of watery discharge, and some gross goopey kind (they think my previous supository from my infection still might be in me. That doesn't explain the wateriness).

So, I went to the Gyno and she said, "It looks like a rug-burn almost." And gave me some numbing lubey stuff (Meant for throat numbing) and said it'd go away on it's own. No it is not herpes.

However, I've had it for months.. what could be the problem? Sex is painful and it bothers me that it is like this. What can I do?