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I see my daughter once a week and am fighting for custody. I took her to the hospital to find that she had a very late stage urinary tract infection. The hospital almost did a rape kit test but There were no tears so I stopped them. I am very worried about it there was a scratch and abrasions. Could those have been caused from wiping? Could you also please tell me what the most common causes for that in a child so young and what worst possible effects could occur from a urinary tract infection and if possible where I could download that information from.

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Hi Mel
firstly my daughter at around 3 got the same infection she had been on a cruise with us and sat on floor of the shower on boat, the dr believes thats how she got it also another baby in the family got it after having a gastric bug, its usually a bowel germ causes it, and a 3 yr olf can easily wipe the wrong way or touch things and themselves
as for the scratch this could have been her own doing as the pain from the infection may have irritated as for abrasion? where exactly and wat do u mean an abrasion
it is good the hospital was thorough as you never know these days with things and the childs saftey is number1 priority
the reason it would be late stage isnt anything alarming infact its probably common in such a young child, they dont notice the early stages of urgency until it starts burning bad, and if its gone too far it hits the kidneys next so its great you got it now
my daughter is 11 now and never had it again,
try be calm and hopen your little girl is fine soon
lots of water for her ok?
good luck


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My daughter was 3 when she started with water works problems.
I agree with the last post.

But if she keeps getting infections you do need to make sure nothing else is going on.

My daughter kept getting infections. They found out she had a reflux at 3 an this was causing the infections.

She had to stay on low dose antibiotics till she was 5. To protect her kidneys.
Your kidneys arnt fully developed until your 5.

She had regular check ups, an it was found that she had scaring on the left kidney, due to the first infection that was left undiagnosed because we didnt know straight away she had it. Like you.

Im not trying to worry you because its very common for girls to get infections, but i am saying if they keep happening make sure test are done to protect her kidneys.