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I'm getting very tired of this. I have experienced running to the bathroom on and off at night during the last decade. I just don't go about three or four times, I go like twenty or thirty times and even more for two to three hours. And when I do urinate it comes out in small spurts. In 2002 I went to urologist #1 who did a sonogram and a cystoscopy and it turns out I have a tight urethra that causes urine to be pushed back into the bladder causing infections. He perscribed me a bunch of medicines such as an antibiotic, detrol, dietary supplement and a antiseptic cream. A few days later I was going to the bathroom more than ever so I called him and he told me that this was a chronic thing. I was not getting any better so I went to urologist #2 and I went through a urodynamic study and it turns out not only do I have a tight urethra but I also have a bladder that contracts small amounts of urine at a time. I went on dytrophan for a while and it helped a little but sometimes the problems just comes back. I went back to urologist #2 nine months ago and he did a uroflow and a sonogram. Again everything was fine. For the last few days; however, I have had sexual intercourse and I have been running to the bathroom at night again. When the urine comes out it comes out in small spurts. If this is a chronic thing like they both said, I need to know what to do so that I don't keep getting these things for the rest of my life. I personally I was born with this condition because I had urinary tract infections when I was eight years old and then had another one at eighteen. And everytime I take a urine test at the gynecologist office it always comes back normal and so does the urine test at the urolgist office. So I truly don't understand why this still happens to me from time to time.


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I done know what your problem is but i can understand how you are feeling. My daughter has had problems since she was 3. It stopped when she was 5 but then started up again when she was 16. We had 2 years of hell. In an out of hosptial 7 times. Really bad infections. But sometimes they couldnt decide where the infection was!!!!
Some of the tests you mention my daughter has had too.
She has had her ureatha stretched. THat help for a while.
She has had the urodynamic test. (measureing you urine for a 24hour period) that was to see if she had an irritable bowel an to see how much her bladder held. That test came back ok.
She is getting really embarresed at the min as she wets herself sometimes.
The doctor has given her some tablets an they are helping.

Another syptom she has is she sweats alot an she has bad acny.

We are looking at her hormones at the min. She is 19 now.

Over the last 6 months the infections seemed to have calmed down.
She takes 1 antibiotic everyday long term

The other thing we think, is it all started again when she became sexualy active. The urologist suggested that too.

We do know she has a duplex kidney, an because of this she is prone to infections