Hi everyone!

I'm a 21 year old male with a history of nephrotic syndrome, or unproved glomerulonephritis (that was back then, when I was turning 18 years old and had massive edema on my whole body, losing enormous amounts of protein through the urine but didn't want to perform biopsy at that time. ) I was treated by the standard procedure for this type of problem (cortisol, mannitol, fluranthrill (diuretic) and so on). 

It is a long story and I'm not gonna write all of it. I'm just gonna say that in the time frame of a little more than 6 months after my hospitalization I had significant improvement in my condition. A little later I was basically cured (the term is "in remission" but I don't like using it).

Today, a little over 3 years later, I am now experiencing some unpleasant, related symptoms. Several weeks ago I had a bad flu/virus and after that I made a urine test to see how is that "department" going. Unfortunately I had some protein in it. Very little but still present. It was like 0.15 grams/liter. It should be practically zero if the kidney is working alright and I don't eat protein like crazy (like many bodybuilders do).

Afterwards I learned that such spikes of the albumin in the urine are actually kind of normal during the time after recovering from flu/virus/cold. Because of this proteinuria I now have some swelling on my legs and thighs but soon I think this will be controlled. What I witnessed and am sort of surprised and a bit worried is this:

When I pee in some sort of container, I see that the fluid is quite foamy. The "harder" I pee the more foamier it gets. Also, when I go to wash the container with water, the foaming continues(especially if a go to the sink where the water stream is with those "filters" which make the water stream with bubbles. If the rush of the water  is too strong, the foam is as much as a beer beverage =) .  When I pee in the toilet, there is some foam but much less than the other case. Now, I know that this occurrence is a symptom for proteinuria, but as I said, my recent urine tests didn't show something "big". Just a little bit of it...

My question is: Is it possible to have that much foam from this little protein in the urine?And are there any other reasons for foam in the urine besides protein (cholesterol?) ?Thank you very much for your attention and participation & Stay healthy!