From a 45 year old. I had my tonsils removed four weeks ago. The advice about drinking plenty of water was very helpful, and also about taking all the pain killers. I was lucky and able to eat solid foods right away with minimal pain. On day two I did vomit due to taking too much of a pain killer (Tramadol), and days 6 - 8 were the most painful (but it was tolerable). It took me 16 days before I felt like talking more than 5 minutes at a time. After a month I still have an odd sensation where the tongue and the ex-tonsil area meet. I assume this is where the new skin and the old skin from the roof of the mouth meet and I hope over time the sensation goes away (it is not painful - just odd feeling). I wanted to share this as I read so may horror stories and it sounded like older people have more pain. It did take me longer to heal, but I did not find it that painful. Maybe it was all the water I drank and the ability to get on solid food right away.