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I'm worried. I have sore/itchy genital area (for two days) which seems to be feeling slightly better and recently (a week ago) had a sore/swollen lymph node on my neck which has gone down since. I thought I was just a bit run down and that the soreness was due to some overzealous wiping with horrible industrial toilet roll and made sure I was wearing breathable underwear. However, I was worried so I looked with a mirror and discovered a whitish lump. I'm now terrified as I think I must have herpes. I'm a virgin and have never even let a man so much as look at me there, let alone touch. Thanks


Some time ago I thought that genital herpes can be passed only by any of the sexual activities and close genital skin to skin contact and that oral herpes can’t be passed to genitals but I was wrong. It appears that oral herpes can be transmitted to the genitals, and vice versa and it shows in the same way. One can even spread the herpes from one part of the body to another by touching the place that is shedding virus and then touching other parts of the body. Transmission occurs when a person infected has visible symptoms but there is a potential risk to get the virus passed to someone without having an outbreak.
So, if you have been kissing, hugging, touching someone who has herpes, you could have been in danger of contracting the virus. Now, the lump you describe doesn’t sound like a herpes to me. First of all, herpes bumps appear in clusters and they don’t have white stuff inside of them. They look like blisters and may ooze clear liquid and after some time they become scaly with gold-brownish crusts.

As for the whitish lump, it could be ordinary pimple. They can be pretty uncomfortable when they appear in the genital area. It could be infected ingrown hair as well-these are especially itchy. If only one lump persists, you could see a gynecologist and have it checked and get some good tips on removing it. If you develop more similar bumps, make sure you see dermatologist asap.