I'm almost 28 and last night felt a little bump or lump on my scrotum and upon checking it out saw that it was red and almost the size of baby corn but not a pea (I guess). However, looking at it makes me feel it has been there for a few days as it doesn't appear like something which is very recent. There is another lump on on the other side of the scrotum a little further down from the one on the right but this one is not red, its the same color as my skin and is a bit itchy when i touch it. I don't think they are on the testicles as I have felt my testicles in my hands and they appear to be the shape or size that they should be.

If its worth knowing, exactly 2 years ago in March 2010 a masseuse might have spit on my penis. It was dark so I could not tell however, as soon as I saw her expose my penis from my boxers I pushed her away. I have since then had 3 HIV tests as well as I got a cold a week after this episode. The tests conducted 5 weeks, 4 months and 5 months after this were all negative. I also had a syphillus test done at the 4 month mark as there was a white discharge from my penis after I urinated. That test came back negative as well.

Soon after my 3rd test I went abroad and was hopeful all was well, never cared for the discharge and never had any other symptoms until a month ago when I had irritation in and around my penis area. The whole area was very itchy and my penis mouth (the urethra, I think is what its called) stays open and still does, which is uncomfortable when it comes into contact with my boxers. Now, I've noticed these two lumps or bumps on my scrotum. 

I am overseas for work and will return home in 10 days where I will go see the doctor straight away. Until then this will worry me, please tell me if its related to HIV, testicular cancer or some STD or something else or something not to worry about.

I am still a virgin and that masseuse episode was the closest I've come to picking up a STD.