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I am going to remove my acrlic nails after more than 20 years because I have an alergic reaction which is getting worse can anyone reccomend a product to help them recover ?


First, whether you remove them yourself, or you go to a salon - make sure that they are removed correctly. Soaking acrylic nails in pure acetone is the only safe, and effective method for removal. Don't attempt tp pry them off, tear them off, or force them in any way. And don't let a tech do this to you either. Doing so WILL cause damage - sometimes severe damage, to your natural nails.
Once they are off, then its just time to restore them back to optimal health. A few of the things you can do to help them on their road to recovery are really very simple, yet effective methods. One is to take a daily supplement of Biotin. This has been shown to increase the thickness, and hence, the strength of the nails.

Another is to use a good quality cuticle oil. Apply to the cuticle area, massage into the cuticles and your nails too. Apply 2-3 times a day - minimally, each and every day. Over time, this will help to restore, and keep the moisture they need to remain healthy. A good choice for cuticle oil is "Solar Nail" by Creative Nail Design." OPI has a good one too. These contain Jojoba oil, which has natural healing properties, but even more important is that the Jojoba Oil molecules are small enough to penetrate the surface of the natural nails. Some will say to use vitamin E, but the its molecules are too large to penetrate the nail surface, so it just kind of sits on top and doesn't really do much. Also, gelatin does not work. Thats a myth, and there are a lot of people who still believe that eating gelatin, or soaking your nails in it will help them. Not true.
You can also use - believe it or not, pure vegetable oil. The same thing you probably have in your kitchen. This works great on your nails.

Since keeping your nails moisturized in important in restoring their health, and also in keeping them strong and healthy in the long term, always use a good, moisturizing hand cream several times a day. Make sure to massage well into your fingertips, which will not only restore, and keep the moisture in the cuticles, and the nails - but the simple act of massaging your fingertips a few times a day will help to stimulate blood flow to your nails, which in turn helps to deliver more nutrients to them, and that means healthier nails for you. A good blood flow also plays a role in the rate of your nails growth. For example, the nails on your dominant hand grow faster than the nails on your non-dominant hand. This is due to increased stimulation, and thus increased blood flow simply from using your dominant hand more often. Use moisturizer several times daily, especially after each and every time you wash you hands.

One last thing since this post is getting longer by the minute, LOL, is to use gloves whenever your hand are going to come into contact with household cleaners, and/or prolonged exposure to water. Water is perhaps the most damaging of chemicals to your nails because every time your nails get wet, they will swell from absorbing the moisture. But, when they dry, they will shrink. Over time, this will cause your nails to become brittle, and weak. Using gloves will prevent this from happening.

I'm sorry to hear about the allergy. I would assume that it's from overexposure to the acrylic chemicals? If so, many people develop that over time. The bad part about that though - as you already know, is that once you develop contact dermatitis, you will always have it. And in your case, that means no more acrylic nails, or exposure to any acrylics at all. If this is what you are experiencing, then you may want to inform your dentist of this because acrylic products are sometimes used in various dental procedures. By him or her knowing about your allergy, alternate materials can be used.

I hope this helps!