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I was thinking of quitting taking my insulin.  I hate the shots and they make me sick.  I told the doctor I wanted to take pills but he thinks I need the shots.  I wonder if it would make much difference if I just stop doing the shots and see what happens.  I only take 35 units a day, so i don't think that is much anyway.


I would not recommend you stopping the use of your prescribed insulin.  You were giving that dosage from your doctor and ceasing to take it may cause problems.  Insulin provides the gateway for glucose to enter your body cells.  Your cells need energy to survive and work properly.  When the bloodstream is loaded with glucose, you need insulin to get the glucose into your cells.  Excess glucose in the bloodstream causing many problems in your vessels, notably your eyes, kidneys, and blood flow in your extremities.  When circulation goes bad, your health suffers.  Have you thought of trying an insulin pen that doesn't use needles?  If you have a fear of needles, this is a great alternative.  I would hate to see you not taking your insulin over needles.  I know you mentioned taking oral medications over injectable insulin.  Unfortunately, the two different drugs work in different ways.  Oral medications are used to stimulate the beta cells in your pancreas to produce more insulin.  Eventually, the pancreas will just quit producing insulin altogether.  This is why you needed to go on insulin.  You need it because your body isn't producing it.  Have you considered trying an insulin pen?