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what makes a person have insulin sensitivity when pregnant?  i have gestational diabetes and i have to take insulin shots.  why does this happen to pregnant women? 


Hello, Guest!  Congratulations on your pregnancy and you have asked a good question.  Why does pregnancy bring about insulin sensitivity?  It all has to do with the pregnancy hormones. Certain hormones are made in the placenta that interfere with the insulin in some mothers.  Since the placenta grows as the baby grows, there are more of these hormones that are produced, making matters worse by causing insulin resistance.  Most of the time a mother's pancreas can handle it and produce more insulin to counter the insulin resistance.  It can be genetically-related.  If you have diabetes that runs through your family, you may have a higher risk for gestational diabetes.  And if you do have GD during one of your pregnancies, you are likely to get diabetes within the 5 years following that pregnancy.  It is a good idea to maintain a healthy weight and watch your diet to stave off diabetes.  But for some reason, there are times in a pregnant woman that the pancreas just cannot keep up with the insulin resistance and glucose rises in the bloodstream, resulting in the mother having gestational diabetes. Not every woman that has GD has to take insulin shots.  Some may take oral medications, others can regulate their blood sugar by diet and exercise alone.  If a person is successful with managing their blood glucose, she can avoid needing to take oral medications.  If oral medication is needed and it is not effective, that is when insulin is needed.  Are there other women that have a story to tell about their experience with gestational diabetes?  Did you have to go on insulin or take an oral diabetic medication?