So heres the story. I was enlisted in the Navy waiting to ship out with a SEAL contract. I wanted to push myself as much as possible and really build my running endurance and speed. I played sports my entire life and was always running and never experienced any issues before. I hadn't run much at all during my college years and started back after. It started out as what I assumed was a simple shin splint, so I decided to take precautions and treat it properly, but kept running. I ended up developing stress fractures and haven't run in the past 5-6 months and am looking to start back up. They Navy couldnt delay me long enough to heal, so I asked to be discharged, but am getting back in shape to earn another contract. Can anyone give me a good mileage to start at and build up the bone and muscle strength to prevent this again? Also, any other types of info would be helpful. I've tried researching some stuff, but havent been able to find anything useful to me. If it helps, I would like to be running 10-15 mins a day comfortably in maybe 3-4 months if that helps at all? Thanks