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Hello, my name's Dave. I'm 17 years old and I study and train martial arts on a daily basis and am very active athletically. I recently started taking extra strength glucosamin,chondroitin,msm supplements for a severe amount of pain i've been experiencing in my joints, and really my entire body. I also take a taplet of fish oil at night for anxiety and also for joint health. The pain is in both my wrists, one of which I fractured months back but healed, and in both my knees (one is currently strained). So yeah, I have 2 injuries i'm trying to heal, and on top of that I wake up every morning with what my doctor calls "growing pains". When I wake up, nearly every large joint in my body aches and my muscles feel stiff. I've been stretching to compensate for that. I strained my knee during a stretch where I leaned forward too far and ever since then it's been problematic. I got an x ray which showed nothing, and i'm waiting for an MRI to look farther into what could be damaged. I believe it might be my ACL or meniscus because while the leg hasn't lost much of it's strength (I can still kick like a baseball bat), when walking down stairs or when my knee bends past my toes, I get a "Clicking" noise which is particularly disturbing to me. 

I haven't been using that leg or my recovering hand for almost a month now, and it still hurts with almost no sign of healing. I elevate it at night, and have been following the R.I.C.E routine but it hasn't really helped that much. This is the soul reason i've decided to start taking supplements for my joints. When I asked my general doctor about taking glucosamine he laughed, saying i'm much too young to be needing that, and my joints should have plenty of fluid left to heal.. so I stopped taking it for a while, but it's been so painful lately that i've decided to get back on it for a longer period of time in hopes that it will help my joints return to the way they were so I can get back to doing what I love to do so much. I haven't been told that taking such supplements would make my condition worsen, but rather he just told me it's not necessary.

My question to you, steadyhealth: what age is too young to take glucosamine,msm ect.? Am I doing the right thing by taking these supplements or am I hurting myself more? 

I've asked a lot of people at the health food stores about it and they all told me it was fine for my age, but i'd just rather hear it from a trained doctor. 

Is there anything else I could be doing besides R.I.C.E all the time? A diet perhaps? 

Help me, i've never been in so much pain in my life and I want to create a legacy that my family can follow in. With my joints in so much pain, it feels more like a dream at this point. But I love martial arts, I know i'll never stop, but i'm willing to do anything to bring my body back to the strong way it used to be. 

Again, i'm 17, 135lb and i'm taking glucosamine,chondroitin,msm 750 mg a day. Also, fish oil 1000 mg.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, if I posted in the wrong section I apoligise and please move it to the correct section, thanks!



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