Yesterday I had a Chinese buffet I go there at least twice a month when I get back to the car I feel a sharp pain on my right chest right there on my chest bone area then it hurts to breath went home and pain is the same not all the way to my back (right side) if I burp I feel a little better. Then I can't lie down on my right side the pain unbearable, took about 10 within in 24hr period and an omeprazole . Tonight I put heat pack around 11:30 so uncomfortable than I can doze up and wake up again with the pain that it hurts to breath even . I burp a lot when standing up or sitting up. I just started taking Loratadine for about a week now and fluticasone nasal spray once a day could this be side effect of this meds? I'm a caregiver and work 24/5 straight and I cried tonight when lifting up my client because my shoulder hurts. Hope to get some good feedback here thanks guys