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Hi there, I have had this problem for a while probably a year or two. But at least a few times a year I get an unbearable pain in either my left glan or my right this pain is really sharpe when I swallow and I struggle to eat or drink the only thing I can have at the momen is coffee and I can't just drink coffee for the rest of my life :( Please help!!!


Hello NewEraPhil,

You may have done some damage to your temporal mandibular joint (TMJ).  I have this problem.  It could have happened through some physical trauma like be hit in the side fo the head or perhaps you experience a lot of stress and tend to gnash your teeth.  Any with way, this causes the TMJ joint to become misaligned and this can create some serious pain.  Sometimes more damage can occur in the while you're sleeping.  See if you can sleep on your back with 2 pillows under your head.  Keep your head straight.  This will tend to align the jaw the way it should be just due to gravity.  Make sure you don't gnash your teeth in any way.  There should be space between your upper and lower teeth.  See if this doesn't make a difference within a week or so.